Saturday, February 26, 2011

Character Profiles to correct

Her name is Bianca.She is from São Paulo.She is thirteen.Her birthday is on July 23th.Alice and Marina are Bianca's sister.She is interested in computers.Her hobies are swimming and surfing in the web.She likes go to shopping.She also likes go to park.She likes studing too.But she doesn't like play soccer.She hates play basketball.She doesn't like vegetables.Her favorite singer is Lady Gaga.Her favorite band is Black Eyed Peas.Her favorite tv show is Sunny entre estrelas.
His names Jack.He is from amazonia in brazil.His 20 years old .His birthday januery 14th.He is doesn't have sistes and brothers.He is interests sports,music and reading.Her hobbies surf the web.He likes skateboarding.He hates Justin Bierber.His favorite singer is Eminem.His favorite band is Linkin Park.His favorite Tv show is a super camera in discovery channel.


Her name is Isa and she from in Orlando , she is sixteen years old. Her birthday it's on may 18. She have a sister and her name is Giovanna. Her interests are music, computer, and sports. Her hobbies are swimming and play voleyball. She likes listen music. She likes hambuger and soda too. She hates vegetables and she hates reading too. Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift. Her favorite band is Exaltasamba. Her favorite TV show is Friends.

 Luisa Pereira        
 Her name is Lucy. She is from Los Angeles , USA . She is 17 years old. Her birthday is on August 2nd. She doesn’t have brother or sister. She interested in music, reading and fashion. Her hobbies are reading, surfing the web and swimming. She likes chocolate, spaghetti and cake, but doesn’t like jiló. Her favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Her favorite band is Paramore. Her favorite TV shows are Vampire Diares, Istant Star, Glee and Gossip Girl. 
Luiza de Lima
Her name's Lila,seh's from in Brazil ,she's 10,her birthday is november 1st and she has one brother and one sister,your names's Lola and Luigui. She loves Brazil ,beach,sports and computers,but doesn't like television. She likes  study,swimming,reading and cooking. She likes vegetable and fruit,but she doens't like fast-food,this horrible for she. She's a girl very heatler, funny and itelligent. Her favorite singer is Michael Jackson and your favorite band is U2 too. In your free time is listens to music and reading.
Her name is Maria. She is from Rio de Janeiro. She is from 15years old. Her birthday is on June 10th. Her sister is Carol. She are interests in reading and music. Her hobbies are swimming, studying  and play the computer. She likes pizza, chocolate, vegetables, but she doesn’t like milk and fruits. Her favorite singer is Britney Spears. Her favorite band is The Beatles.
Misa from usa.She is fifteen years old .Her  is   birthday  6 january.She don t have  brother .Her interests is computer .Her hobbies isswimming and volleyball . She likes shopping mall . She dislikes vegetables .she favorite singer is Britney spears .She favorite band is jonas brothers .her favorite TV show is Icarly.

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